sunday chill: i’m back?

How are you? It's been a little while since we were here. I hope you have been doing okay while I was away. hello there! I have been trying to write a life update for a few months, but always failed. So, here is an overdue update post. Grab a cup of something nice like… Continue reading sunday chill: i’m back?

the chaos of twitter as a reader

I do not like talking about drama or discussing it, but the most recent author drama on twitter was too close to home as a reader. hello there! oh where do I begin? Every few months, authors get pretty much exposed for being terrible human beings and then people make connections between their terribleness and… Continue reading the chaos of twitter as a reader

The Gilded Ones ~ a review

This review is part of The Gilded Ones Hear Our Voices Book Tour! Today, I am bringing you my review and thoughts on The Gilded Ones by Namina Forna. I missed my day on this tour, so I recommend checking out everyone's reviews and posts who was part of this blog tour! This book has… Continue reading The Gilded Ones ~ a review

hello there

Hello, lovelies! I'm so sorry for being MIA over the last bit. With the end of my semester and worrying about passing for one of my final semesters. I have been feeling under the weather this past week. So I've been trying to take it easy. See you soon, Aless

January anticipated releases

Although, it is the end of the month, there is always time to appreciate and celebrate new releases in the book community. January 5th Crown of Bones by A.K. WilderPublisher: Entangled: Teen Phantom breeders, love, war, and secrets. ~ YA , fantasy, series, romance ~ It was difficult to write a cohesive summary with what… Continue reading January anticipated releases

sunday chill vol. 5

Hey, happy Sunday friends! I hope life is treating you okay and you are able to have some quiet time for yourself today! hello, you lovely person I will be putting in a greater effort to make the last week of January filled with posts and reviews to compensate for my lacking luster posting. I… Continue reading sunday chill vol. 5