March TBR

Not gonna lie, I wanted to post something and this post just so happens to be ready before my introduction post😂

Hello, my lovelies! Welcome to my blog and welcome to my first post!

This is going to be quite short and simple because a monthly tbr is relatively straight forward. Also, I am not a huge fan of knowing too much about the books on my tbr, so I linked all of them for your convenience! I have a lot of exciting posts coming and ideas to share with you guys. I cannot wait to start this (and hopefully continue) this journey!

Now, to my March TBR! – all are subject to change, I’m a mood reader

Backlist Readathon TBR – March 9th-March 15th

  • Read your shortest backlist title: Hunted by Meagan Spooner – not technically the shortest book on my backlist, but I need an excuse to read it and I know it will be a quick read
  • Read a backlist that intimidates you (anything): Grave Mercy by Robin LaFevers – the His Fair Assassin trilogy and the spinoff Courting Darkness duology are pretty large high fantasy novels. I’ve been trying to read Courting Darkness for over a year now…
  • Read a book on your backlist that you added as a recommendation from someone else: Monday’s Not Coming by Tiffany D. Jackson – I was recommended a different Tiffany D. Jackson book on Goodreads, but I was not interested in that one
  • Read a backlist title you are most excited to read: A Curious Beginning by Deanna Raybourn – When Riley Marie described this as a mature Stalking Jack the Ripper in one of her vlogs, I knew I needed to read this, btw, I love her channel.
  • Read a diverse backlist book (all subsects): Mooncakes by Suzanne Walker – This is an LGBTQ+ graphic novel that is set in autumn and has supernatural characters. That’s all I know.
  • Read a backlist book with blue on the cover: Fawkes by Nadine Brandes – Once again, I need an excuse to finally read this! I tried to read it in November in honor of Guy Fawkes Day, but November is just a tough month for me, so I am trying again.

All of the other books I am trying to read in March…next month there will be more in-depth reasons, for now, just a simple list because it is long (and scary) and I have a lot of posts coming up with many of the books below. Despite my post ideas, I will likely not get to many of these, so I won’t be disappointed if a majority of these books don’t happen. It is tough times in the world.

  • The Clockwork Scarab by Colleen Gleason – a Stoker and Holmes retelling with females
  • The Shadows Between Us by Tricia Levenseller – a new book by my favorite author about a badass female that shares my name!
  • Captive Prince by C.S. Pacat – a prince is ripped of his identity and is sent as a pleasure servant to another prince, oh, did I mention its a gay romance? I’m honestly so excited.
  • The Midnight Lie by Marie Rutkoski – a new release with a cool plot
  • The Kingdom of Black by Marie Lu – an author I enjoy who tells the story of Mozart’s older sister
  • Seven Blades in Black by Sam Sykes – a revenge story that is huge! I’m very intimidated by this one.
  • Blood Rose Rebellion by Rosalyn Eves – won in an Instagram giveaway that has an interesting sounding magic system
  • Anthem: Graphic Novel by Ayn Rand, Dan Parsons, Jennifer Grossman – won in a Goodreads giveaway
  • Rules for Being a Girl by Candace Bushnell, Katie Cotugno –  ARC won in a Goodreads giveaway; comes out April 7th
  • Don’t Ask Me Where I’m From by Jennifer De Leon, Elena Garnu (Illustrations) – ARC won in a Goodreads giveaway; comes out May 5th (if I ever get my copy)
  • Chasing Lucky by Jenn Bennett – I’ve never read a Jenn Bennett before! ARC won in a Goodreads giveaway; comes out May 5th
  • We Are Not Free by Traci Chee – ARC won in a Goodreads giveaway; comes out June 9th (haven’t received my copy yet)
  • Tell, or the Adventures in Themiddle by L.N. Mayer, Nunez Suarez Ricardo (Illustrations) – received from the author (contacted if I was interested in reading)
  • Steel Hand, Cold Heart by Rachel Menard – received from the author (offered to many, I requested a copy)

Do you see a pattern yet? As I said earlier, I am a mood reader, so let’s see how many of these I actually read this month. We are already 9 days in, and I have only started one of these…but hey, there’s a readathon happening.

What are you hoping to read this month?


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