My Rating System

Since this is a book blog and I will be sharing my love for books, I wanted to tell you about my rating system before I start sharing reviews with you guys.

I use the standard 5-star rating system. I include .25, .5, and .75 ratings because it feels like I am able to encompass my feelings towards a book more precisely.

⭐ 5 Stars: Love with all my heart I would die for these characters
4.5 Stars: There’s one thing missing and I am just being critical
⭐ 4 Stars: Still dope and loved with some issues
3.5 Stars: I enjoyed and liked this a lot
⭐ 3 Stars: Alright, not bad and would read again
2.5 Stars: There is great potential here
⭐ 2 Stars: Yeah, I’m not sure about this one fam
1.5 Stars: Bearable, I got through it because I found something I enjoyed
⭐ 1 Star: No, not it fam, let’s not talk about this book

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