Series Binge: What is it?

I will be reading all of the books and series I hate. Wait, what?

hello, my lovelies!

Just kidding…kinda. I will be using this challenge to get past the first book of a series that I likely did not like or start a series I am not excited about reading, and then attempting to read the whole series. Keyword: attempting. If I am not vibing with the first book at all, I will not continue and it will just be a dead series for me.

My purpose for this is to figure out what my reading taste is and which authors do not work for me. There are many popular series and books I am not interested in or have not enjoyed. I hope for this series of posts is to give you guys another viewpoint on popular or unpopular series and authors. These will be honest and in-depth.

In simpler words, this new series is a combination of reviews of books that are apart of a series, author’s catalog, or whatever else I come up with.

If you guys have any ideas for a better name for this series, I would love to hear them, if not then series binge it is!

see you soon,


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