Camp Nanowrimo: April 2020

I do not have high hopes for myself to succeed.

hello, my lovelies!

This month, I will be attempting to participate in Camp Nanowrimo. If you do not know what NaNoWriMo is, it is a yearly writing challenge that happens in November for National Writing Month and the goal of participants is to write 50,000 words over 30 days. The camp version of this writing challenge occurs in April and July every year. Participants can pick their own word count and decide to edit or write or continue a draft.

My goal for this challenge is to write 20,000 words of a new draft of a story I have been struggling to write for the last 2 maybe 3 years. It is either a sci-fi or dystopian that has romance and a government led by pretty much teenagers, they are in university.

This story is a mess, and I did not get the chance to plot this book during March, so I am highkey pantsing this writing process.

We are currently 4 days into the challenge and I am so many words behind. I have only written a few hundred words, but I cannot tell this story. I think I may need to change my opening and tell the story in a messy process.

If all else fails, I will write a zero draft during the month. The intent is that this draft will be messy.

Are you participating in Camp Nanowrimo or do you write for fun? Or are you not a writer and are a reader? Would you ever write even if it is a short story? I am thinking about writing some short stories, but who knows.

see you soon,

~ Aless

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