What I Have Been Up To

An update about my life, some changes to my blog, and some future plans I have.

hello, my lovelies!

I did not expect to dive into a focus pit for school over the last bit, but I have, and I am proud to say I am officially done my third year of high school! One year left. That’s crazy to think about.

I am determined to fall back on track with everything. In April and May, I have not been reading too much due to high and epic fantasies along with school. My current reads are some incredible fantasies that I am enthralled with. I cannot stop reading and I am so happy school is over, so I can devote more time to reading.

face reveal

I rebooted my youtube channel last week. I posted my first video and did a face reveal! The feedback I got from everyone was incredible and heartwarming, so thank you if you commented, watched, or shared my video! I plan on having another one go up this week, but I am still finishing my last bit of school work today. Ideally, I will post twice a week, but only time will tell how manageable that will be for me.

I think I know which colleges I want to apply to in the fall which is scary and exciting. This whole next year is going to be scary and exciting for me, so be prepared for me to say that a lot. I am starting to decide what story I can tell in my portfolio, so I might be sharing some short stories soon. I think short stories are a great outlet to pull from for inspiration.

Spell Check - A D&D Podcast (@SpellCheckCast) | Twitter

I started the Spell Check Podcast a few weeks ago and I have never enjoyed a podcast so much before. Spell Check is a DnD (Dungeons & Dragons) podcast run by 6 YA authors. I love it so much. I have grown fond of all the characters and I cannot wait to draw some fanart of them. I am almost caught up, but it is a fun and wild ride to listen to. While doing chores or homework, I sit and laugh so much. The things this group of criminals goes through is entertaining. They are currently in their fourth chapter.

I took 2 AP exams last week: Ap European History and AP Art History. I was confident with both of my exams and the responses I wrote for them, but I had technical difficulties on my Euro exam and ran out of time before I could submit my response. Now, I need to retake it in a few weeks. It was so heartbreaking to see after the 45 minutes of stress. After that, I learned I got a harder response and my Euro teacher, who is my favorite, is leaving and won’t be back for my last year. No one took that announcement well. She is such a fun person and I am going to miss her like crazy. My art history exam went so well and much better than I could have ever expected. That was a relief for me since I was up until 3AM trying to finish my homework for that class. Yeah, I have been having some time management issues when it came to school for the last month. Last week, I tackled that and fixed it to finish on time.

Oh geez, I forgot to mention I now have pages to manage everything a bit better. There is officially an about me, currently reading, and posting schedule page! I plan on making some other pages to cut down on the number of categories I have because it is a lot to manage. I will be combining my series binge idea and dragon of the week idea to make an actual challenge for myself. Hopefully, I will do better at this combined challenge. I really want to read some books I have either received from the author or ARCs I have that got their release date pushed back because of this dystopian world we live in.

This post doesn’t have any gifs in it. This feels weird. Hmm…

freedom GIF

This is how I feel about school now that I am almost done.

Haha, anyway, I hope you and your loved ones are doing well. Take care of yourself and do not rush back into society and socializing.


see you soon,

~ Aless

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