i’m not sure what this is

hello, my lovelies! It’s been a while (like always) and I just have some thoughts.

  1. I am that annoying friend, person, and student who is focused on creating their portfolio for art school, so thoughts of creative projects and trying to figure out how to plan out all of these pieces and photoshoots.
  2. Bookbinding is a lot of fun. I’ve made two little notebooks with the resources I have from wanting to be a fashion major 4 years ago and a craft hoarder. I am totally going to find a way to make one fit into my portfolio and once I’m finished.
  3. I got a job! I haven’t started training yet, but on Sunday I had my first interview (which went fantastic) and I got the job. I was told that I would hear about training within the next 2 weeks, but it’s been a while and I want to start. Now that I have something to look forward to, I am excited.
  4. Now that I have a job, I think that means I can get a car soon 👀
  5. Speaking of getting a car, I am on pace to take my driving exam in about 2 weeks!!! Hopefully, I can pass *goes to knock on wood*
  6. Not having a planned out weekly spread in my bullet journal is so nice.
  7. I. Hate. Editing. Vlogs. They are too much time, and I don’t like hearing myself for this long. I am hoping to have a happy medium between like a studytube aesthetic and reading vlogs from booktube.
  8. I haven’t watched Hamilton yet, and I am disappointed in myself as a fan.
  9. I still have to do summer work for school and I don’t want to, but something is due on Sunday for my AP Spanish class (I regret taking that class already, and I haven’t even looked at the work).
  10. Honestly, I’m not sure what I’m writing in this post.
  11. I’m doing Camp Nanowrimo at the moment, I’m currently 400 words behind, but I’m only writing random scenes right now, not the full story.
  12. I want to go to the lake with some friends. Like in the movie, Grown Ups, that would be fun. I don’t know what lake is near me though.
  13. I need to learn how to use my new camera (a DSLR) so I can do these photoshoots. Probably in August because it is hot this month.
  14. I started a Tumblr and Instagram for my art. At this moment, I haven’t posted anything (it’s been a week since I created them), but I did make my little signature.
  15. I need to learn how to use Krita, so I can add my signature to my art (and maybe my photography) so I can post.
  16. I might finally go see some family this weekend. Who knows. They live in the city.
  17. I want to go to the book store and buy manga and maybe another book that I have already read.
  18. I want to paint my walls, but there is some heavy furniture in my room that has prevented this task for the last 4 years.
  19. I am always thinking about posting to my blog (here!) but I write a lot in my posts.
  20. How are you? What do you want to see on my blog? Do you want to see anything on my channel?

see you soon,


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