the quarantine slump

Have you been able to read more books than usual due to the extra time we have received from the universe through the quarantine and more time spent at home? Or have you not been able to read as much if not at all due to these troubling times? I fall into the latter of the two, and let me tell you, it is not a fun place to be.

This doesn’t even relate to reading, I have also felt burnout and uninspired in my creative outlets as in this blog, my channel, my art. I am not going to address that right now, but maybe soon.

I have been reading for my whole life and about a year and a half ago, my love for reading got reinvigorated. So when the universe presented the a three month period of time at home, I saw this as an opportunity to read more books than I typically do during school. I was so motivated to read during March, but once we hit April, I no longer was reading at least 4 books a month. Since April, I think, I have read a total of 4 books, maybe 6.

This is good no?

Yes, it is good, but some people do not consider manga and graphic novels as books (they are). I have not been motivated to read many novels during these last 5 months. So many incredible books have been released this summer and I have gotten some chances to read them and other many library books through Libby, but I haven’t read any. I have started many books, but I’ve put them back down.

I have said so many times over the last few months, “I just want to read a book,” but I cannot find a book to get me out of this slump. I have read a few novels, manga, graphics, and smut, but I have not been able to pull myself from this funk or reading slump.

Many other readers are like me and have been struggling to read a book, while there are others who are plowing through books like a bag of popcorn.

So now what?

Honestly, I am unsure.

I am gong to try to get some of the books I have been trying to read for the last year (*cough* Crooked Kingdom *cough*) in these last few months of 2020. I would love to read a few of the new releases. I enjoy reading graphics, manga, and smut when I am in a slump (because they are all fun and its satisfying to read a shorter book), and I am hoping that one of them will let me read again, if not magically a novel.

Have you been struggling to read too or have you read more books than you can hold?

Goodreads is not a fun place to be during slumps because it will tell you how many books behind you are on your reading goal this year (14) but almost anything counts on Goodreads, so I’m sure that we will all be able to reach our Goodreads goal by the end of the year. And if not, that ambitious goal can always be made smaller to be reasonable for you in the present, not you of the past. At the end of the day, it is about your enjoyment of falling into a new world through words on the pages, not the number of books you have read.

I have also realized that this slump has worked its way into the bookish part of my mind. I have not been watching many booktube videos, I have been on an unplanned 3 month or so hiatus off of bookstagram, and a few weeks ago, I turned off my twitter notifications. Now I log into Twitter maybe once a day, if not once every few days. Oh, and I have been taking longer breaks off of Goodreads, which isn’t good since I am a mod for a group, but…but nothing, I literally have maybe 40 notifications from the last week. *I am so sorry to all of the members of that group, but you guys are super nice and understanding that I have a life offline. <3*

I wish you all the best to get out of your slumps and find a calm during the storm.

~ Aless

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