songs of my mind vol. 1

These are the songs that have been stuck in my head for a while or just all the time since I found them. These are songs that I start humming or singing when my brain slows down or I begin to stare into space.

These range from only the chorus of the song up to the full song. These are the current ones that I can think of enough to write the words. FYI, I didn’t double check the lyrics. I probably should since this is going onto the internet, but that’s not fun. P.S. please check all of these artists and songs out because I didn’t write them how they are sung.

“We have all been scared, to lose our glow. After all, after all. The illusion stands, there’s no control. After all, after all.” ~ Control by Makari

“I got my ticket for the long way ’round, the one with the prettiest of views. It’s got mountains, it’s got rivers. It’s got sights to give you shivers, but it sure would be prettier with you. When I’m gone. When I’m gone. You’re gonna miss me, when I’m gone. You’re gonna miss me by my hair, you’re gonna miss me everywhere, oh. You’re gonna miss me, when I’m gone.” Who else had competitions with their friends because of this song/movie/scene? ~ When I’m Gone aka the Cups Song by Anna Kendrick

“Do I look lonely, I see the shadows on my face. People have told me, I don’t look the same. Maybe I’ve lost weight, I’m playing hooky. With the best of the best, put my heart on my chest, so that you can see it too. I’m walking the long road, watching the sky fall. The lace in your dress, tangles my neck, how do I live? The death of a bachelor, oh oh, letting the water fall. The death of a bachelor, oh oh, seems so pitiful. Happily ever after, whoa, how could ask for more? Life time of laughter, at the expense, of the death of a bachelor.” I could continue for the whole song, but I won’t. ~ Death of a Bachelor by Panic! At The Disco

“I sink in you like water. Pray you won’t give pull under. One look and I die, heaven in your eyes, hell heart in the white light. I dive in you like water I sink like a stone. Stone in your water. Stone in your water.” ~ Water by Bishops Briggs

“I don’t trust anything, or anyone below the sun. I don’t feel anything at all. I’m king of the clouds, of the clouds, I get lifted, I get lifted. King of the clouds, of the clouds, I get lifted, I get lifted. Imagination takes me somewhere I don’t know. I’m lost and I’m better alone, king of the clouds, of the clouds, I get lifted, I get lifted. I keep searching, oh, I keep searching, I keep searching…” ~ King of the Clouds by Panic! At The Disco

“I’m still in the pool, you left me in! And I thought it’d be cool to be melted down to be water on the ground you could walk on, or swim through. Here I am at the top again, dreaming that you let me in. Talk me down, talk me down. Talk me down! Will leave our marks on things that never will be ours, the streets are scarred, the trees are carved. With names that glow like diamond rings on one knee in a nice restaurant, I’m better now, those dreams are gone…” ~ Better by Makari

and a bunch of choir songs. but only my favorites. If you want to know those, let me know.

What songs are always stuck in your head?

~ Aless

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