You Should See Me in a Crown ~ Review

This review is part of the You Should See Me in a Crown Hear Our Voices Book Tour!

hello, my lovelies ❤

I am bringing you my review of You Should See Me in a Crown! This is an own voices novel and I am a POC reviewer so expect my thoughts on that aspect of this novel.

You Should Se Me In a Crown  by Leah Johnson follows Liz Lighty, a senior in high school, as she navigates the world of trying to win prom queen. If Liz wins prom queen, she will also win the scholarship her school provides to the king and queen. This will help her greatly with financing her dreams of going to Pennington College to study medicine and play in their orchestra. When Mack arrives at her midwestern school, Liz has to decide if competing for the crown against her new friend it worth it.

I typically do not read contemporary, but I enjoyed this novel! It was fun to follow Liz as she goes on her journey to becoming prom queen. I liked the execution of the story and I thought the romance was adorable. Leah Johnson’s writing style is fun and quick-paced. The plot felt a bit more family-focused, than I expected, which I loved.

Family is always an important aspect of our lives and we all have different experiences. I loved how Liz’s family was such a huge part of this story. It means a lot since family is a huge part of black culture. No matter if you are family or another person of color, black people will look after each other. This story had some weird parallels for me. I have a super close relationship with my grandparents as well, and my younger brother acts just like Liz’s brother and their names are close. Sometimes I get nervous when black families are written because they can be hit or miss, but Johnson wrote Liz’s family dynamic so well. While becoming prom queen was not Liz’s original plan for her senior year, I adore how supportive her grandparents and brother, Robbie, are in her endeavor. I am so excited to see more family dynamics from Johnson because she makes you feel like you are part of the family.
I cannot wait to see what else Leah Johnson puts out into the world for us to read next! This is a strong debut and I recommend it to anyone who wants a story that wants a fun high school story and a strong main character and a family to match them.

Rating: 3 out of 5.

Please check out all of the other incredible hosts who participated on this tour!! Do not forget to check out Leah Johnson and her work!!

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~ Aless

p.s. I apologize for missing my day of the tour. Life is a lot and I am recovering from a concussion (more coming soon).

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