sunday chill vol. 3: on a monday

Honestly, I write my sunday chill posts, the day of, and I didn’t feel like posting yesterday. So! We are having sunday chill: late monday afternoon edition.

hello, you lovely person!

I never know how to begin these posts. “Hey, I’m yelling into a void and hoping someone nice comes along to read it eventually,” doesn’t really have a good ring to it, you know? In today’s post, I’ll talk about the beginning of January and some plans I have for upcoming posts.

writing working GIF by pamelaespino

she’s a gamer

Yes, the rumors are true, I’m a gamer. Why did I just say that?? Oh well, it’s there now. Steam was having a sale for the end/start of the year and I was doing so well to not buy any games, until the last few days of the sale. I finally can play my favorite game ever. “How is it your favorite game if you never played it before?” *deep sigh* I will spare you the monologue about how glorious Assassin’s Creed 2 is and how much I love Ezio Auditore because he is a big kid who was allowed to play with weapons for vengeance anddd let me stop there.

assassins creed steal yo girl GIF

I also got AC 1 and Stardew Valley! My friend also plays Stardew, so I will be able to play with someone eventually!! If any of you play and wanna be friends, let me know! I have other games too, so we can talk about games for days. Ooooo I just got an idea for a post.

taking a break

There were no posts last week because I was not up for it. I have been trying to prewrite posts and reviews, but it is difficult for me. With school, applications, and everything, I am not the best at time management so I have been a mess. Also, with last week’s events, I didn’t feel like it was right to post, like everyone else.

tired over it GIF by SLOTHILDA

can she commit? probably not

YES I WILL COMMIT! I will write a first draft this month, or at least I will start one. I plan to start tonight and just go with it. My work in progress is a romance with dual perspectives and I think it will be cute. I am pantsing this project, but I might outline part of it eventually. I still need to make a playlist and mood board. This is an old project, so there is framework I can work with.

ice cream

I should stop eating ice cream because despite what my allergy said, I might have a dairy allergy. We got ice cream sandwiches and I tend to have one at night. Then I can feel everything not feel fun, but ice cream is one of my kryptonites so this is impossible.

Happy Ice Cream GIF by moodman

the tale of the two usps facilities

Last month as a birthday gift to myself, I decided to get the December OwlCrate box. I haven’t received this box, yet. It’s been maybe, 3 weeks since it was shipped out. Do you want to know why I haven’t gotten my box?

Sad A Christmas Story GIF by filmeditor

It keeps going between the closest USPS facilities to me! I AM IN THE MIDDLE ALL SAD! i just want my box 😦

I never brought or gotten a subscription box before so this will be a fun gift to myself. One day, I will get my package and I can talk about it. I will be devastated if the items in this box are very damaged. okay, that is the rant for the week


Reviews will be coming back this week! This will really start the chaotic posting because those will be when I want to post them. Some weeks might have a theme, like manga and own voices books, and other times it will be whatever I want. If I do a theme, I will either make a post announcing it, or announcing it in these posts, to be determined.

Reviews are a lot for me to write too. I always debate rewriting my Goodreads reviews when I move them over here, but I never know if I should add more info or thoughts. Any thoughts you may have on what I can do for my reviews will be much appreciated!

other thoughts

  • I am apart of another book tour that I am hyped about! I am making an art piece and I cannot wait to start reading the book!
  • I am in a poetry reading mood, so if you have any poetry recommendations, please share them!
  • University and scholarship applications are intimidating.
  • Currently planning my first tattoo to get!
i dont know GIF by The Hills

um, I don’t know

What else should I talk about? I’m not sure, I didn’t have a long list of topics to talk about. I have already read 2 books for the year and I hope to read some more this week. We will see. Not gonna lie, I have been wanting to pull an all nighter for months now, and I haven’t done it yet. Why, would I want to do something so dumb? There is some work I need to do and I want to do it without distractions. And more time for reading.

Okay, that’s all for now friends. Take care of yourselves and those around you.

Bubble Tea Mask GIF by OHAYOTEA

see you soon,

Aless ♡

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