January anticipated releases

Although, it is the end of the month, there is always time to appreciate and celebrate new releases in the book community.

hello, you lovely person!

January 5th

Crown of Bones (Amassia, #1)
Crown of Bones by A.K. Wilder
Publisher: Entangled: Teen

Phantom breeders, love, war, and secrets.

~ YA , fantasy, series, romance ~

It was difficult to write a cohesive summary with what Goodreads had. Also, I have read this yet. None of my libraries have it, but it is on Scribd, thankfully. This sounds so mysterious and filled with multiple subplots. I am worried about the them, but I am excited to see what Crown of Bones has to offer.

I have not read an A.K. Wilder book yet, or anything from her other pen name. I wonder if there is going to be a wintery setting because I love them. I am unsure what to expect from this book, and I have not been motivated to try to read other summaries from Barnes & Noble or other booksellers that usually have longer summaries of books.

Roman and Jewel
Roman and Jewel by Dana L. Davis
Publisher: Inkyard Press

A Broadway hip hop reimagining of Romeo & Juliet where the two leads might fall in love with each other…and it’s written by a black author.

~ YA, contemporary, retelling, POC ~

How can I not get excited about this plot? I know this comes with very high standards with all of the theatre kids, but I do not care. I am so excited for what this is: it’s a Romeo and Juliet retelling that sounds fun. Kind of like the 1990s Romeo & Juliet movie with Leo. You know the one. If not, look it up and watch the trailer. It is quite the movie 😂

I think I would prefer if this was an older cast and not teenagers, because I think it would fit the goal of the book, rather than fitting the original play. Also, is this going to be tragic or happy ending? I only recently admitted to my love for Shakespeare plays, so this deeper thinking about these retellings is new for me.

Persephone Station
Persephone Station by Stina Leicht
Publisher: Gallery / Saga Press

A group of highly skilled…mercenaries and criminals team up to battle the army.

~ Adult, sci- fi, LGBTQ+ ~

I am aware this is compared to Cowboy Bepop in the summary, but it literally has similar vibes to that anime. If this book feels anything like an anime, I am going to freak out. Those books are difficult to find and when you find them, they turn out to be so fun. That is my only hope for this book, that it is a fun read.

As a person that does not enjoy science fiction that much, I cannot wait for my hold of this to come in. And this is a long book too, so hopefully, that means a lot of worldbuilding.

January 21st

The Mask of Mirrors (Rook & Rose, #1)
The Mask of Mirrors by M.A. Carrick
Publisher: Orbit Books

A con artist who finds themself in a world filled with more deceit and facades than they signed up for.

~ Adult, fantasy, LGBTQ+ ~

I doubt there is going to be magic involved with this book, but I lowkey hope there will be because this summary feels magical to me. I love the summary of this book and I am trying my best to not go into this with high expectations, but when I start the audiobook soon, I will be devoting myself to this fantastical world.

Also, CAN WE TALK ABOUT OUR MAIN CHARACTER, REN??? Ren is a nonbinary main character of this book and I am so excited. These books can be hit or miss, but from the summary, I think this will go well.

January 26th

Can’t Catch My Breath
Can’t Catch My Breath by Sarah Sutton
Publisher: unknown (self-pub)

The last person they would want to interview is each other, but maybe this project could help them both with their grief.

~ YA, contemporary, romance, loss of a parent ~

Over the last few months, I have found myself watching more of Sarah Sutton’s YouTube channel recently, especially her writing vlogs. Typically when I start watching someone and they are a writer, I obviously give their work a shot. I am currently making my way through her first book, What Are Friends For? and enjoying it.

The plot of Can’t Catch My Breath sounds like the type of contemporary I tend to read the most: the heart wrenching, tough topic ones. I’m not sure why I like those types of contemporaries, but I do.

On My Radar

Chlorine Sky
Chlorine Sky by Mahogany L. Browne
Publisher: Crown Books for Young Readers

Coming of age story told in verse.

~ YA, contemporary, POC, tough/toxic relationships, self discovery ~

Disclaimer: Thank you, Crown Books for Young Readers for providing me with a finished copy of Chlorine Sky for a feature and honest review.

After reading Elizabeth Acevedo, I became obsessed with books told in verse. I am excited to hear Browne’s voice through the verse and how she tells Sky’s story. Sometimes, the books with some of the hardest hitting messages and stories are the ones told in verse and they can be incredible reads, especially during slumps.

One of the Good Ones
One of the Good Ones by Maika Moulite & Martiza Moulite
Publisher: Inkyard Press

The sisters of a fallen teen social activist go on a journey to make sure their sister is not just remembered as “One of the Good Ones.”

~ YA, contemporary, mystery, POC, social issues, loss of a sibling ~

As I mentioned above, I have a thing for hard-hitting contemporary/realistic fictions. These types of books gives you the modern setting, but an intense plot that could be found in SFF too.

This is on my radar because I have a book with a similar topic of dealing with the outcome of a death of a young adult and the social justice repercussions of the event. That book is The Black Kids, by the way. These books related to the injustices that relate to Black people, I struggle with reading them myself. It is such a difficult topic for us as a race of people, but there is always room to further educate us and everyone else, who may not experience these situations.

Happily Ever Afters
Happily Ever Afters by Elise Bryant
Publisher: Balzer + Bray

A writer needs a little inspiration, so she finds herself as the main character in her own love story.

~ YA, contemporary, romance, POC ~

One that I did not add, but I am expecting is…love triangle.

Okay, I forget where, but I have stated that I enjoy a well written love triangle. The only thing is, I enjoy love triangles in SFF more than I enjoy reading them in contemporary stories. Watch, I am going to accidently write a contemporary with a love triangle one day.

Anyway, as a teen writer for years who is a helpless romantic, this plot sounds adorable and like the perfect story. Alexa, play Love Story by Taylor Swift please. Haha, anyway, this sounds like a fun adorable romance story which we all need some times.

I wish I could provide more tags for you all, but I am unsure about the factors of many of these books.

Eventually, there will be dedicated emojis for the specific tags for each book like written or features POCs, LGBTQ+, debut, etc. I have not finalized any of those plans, but when I do, I will be updating this post, and my reviews for easy reference.

What are some January releases were/are you excited about? There are so many that were not in this post, but these are going to be subjective, because these are my anticipated releases.

p.s. If you could provide feedback on this post, that would be greatly appreciated because I tried something incredibly different and it took more time than I anticipated. Thank you, if you do!

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